How to freshly preserve Maguro

Freezing Maguro is also done in the Toyosu market.

The quality is not compromised.

You can feel the freshness and flavor without losing the quality.

However, It must be defrosted correctly.

In some cases, it takes a long time for Maguro to return to port after being landed. In order to keep the freshness intact, the Maguro is immediately flash frozen after it has been gutted.
In this process, the fish is stored at an ultra-low temperature of -60℃, which allows it to be transported without losing its freshness.

This makes it possible to store the fish for a long period of time, thus allowing us to provide the fish according to supply.

We will pack the appropriate amount of dry ice and deliver it to you, assuming that it will be delivered to you within 24 hours. After receiving the package, please thaw it in the correct way or store it in the refrigerator immediately.

Hope you enjoy your meal !!